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Food Politics Seen Through Organic Lenses

Example #1: The Organic Consumers Association’s Ronnie Cummins attempts to rally the anti-choice troops with “food politics” issues. Cummins asks his minions to be sure and buy organic (Could it be that he’s worried the organic industry won’t fund his continued activism?) and vote for super-nanny Ralph Nader, because Nader “has spoken out against genetic engineering, factory farming, and corporate control” and “has spoken out for an organic system of family farm based agriculture.”

Example #2: New York State Senator Kenneth LaValle has proposed a five-year moratorium on all genetically improved crops in the state. Acknowledging that there have been no scientific studies indicating any potential health risks from the crops, LaValle said the real reason behind the legislation was to open new markets for organically grown crops.

Example #3: Professional rabble-rouser Jose Bove is going to jail. The French farmer who became a folk hero to the anti-choice crowd for vandalizing a McDonald’s last year has been convicted for the attack and sentenced to three months in prison. “If I have to go to jail, that’s not a problem for me… We’ll continue the destruction of [genetically improved crop] fields and go hunting abroad… to push the multinationals back,” says Bove. He claims that if genetically improved agriculture becomes more widespread, “It would be the death of organic agriculture.”

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