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You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

Genetic ID, the nanny-backed testing firm that claims to have found something wrong with Taco Bell’s taco shells, continues to try to defend itself against charges of impropriety. Company president Bill Witherspoon says, “Genetic ID is neutral on the debate regarding genetically modified food.” Really? Putting aside the fact that company founder John Fagan has been an outspoken critic of the genetically improved food, we offer the following:

Fagan’s Genetic-ID has only two registered board members in addition to Fagan: Jay Marcus and Bill Witherspoon. These business partners have a long list of other business and political interests, all linked to the Maharishi cult and Natural Law Party. Jay Marcus has been a frequent Natural Law party candidate (e.g. IA U.S. Congress 1996, IA State Attorney General 1994) and has numerous financial links to organic and natural products companies which profit from biotech food scares, testing and segregation. Marcus’s political platforms include using transcendental meditation as a way to reduce crime rates and promoting organic agriculture. Marcus is a director of Demeter Inc., the principal Biodynamic Organic Certification company in the U.S. Marcus is also a director of several other organic and natural products companies.

Fagan’s other Genetic-ID partner, Bill Witherspoon, runs organic food supply company Westbridge Agricultural Products, Loren Nancarrow Organic Harvest company, and an organic certifying company.

Read our report to find out more about the “impartiality” of Genetic ID.

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