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CBS: The Tiffa-nanny Network

The debate over genetically improved foods has enjoyed a high profile lately, including a 60 Minutes II lead story called “What Have They Done To Our Food.” CBS journalist Scott Pelley tried his best to tell a cautionary tale about the technology involved, complete with predictions of doom and gloom from the Center for Food Safety’s Andrew Kimbrell and others. Still the truth, somehow, managed to find some sunlight.

Elliot Entis runs a company that produces genetically altered salmon. Defending his business practices, he told 60 Minutes II that genetic manipulation “is an old human tradition first started 10,000 years ago when we first began to cross-pollinate crops and breed ‘mutant monsters’ like wheat, which is a hybrid of three separate grass species.” Hmmmm…. maybe someone should tell Chicken Little that the sky is not falling.

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