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‘The Unthinkable’…Written By The Unthinking

Jeffrey Nelson, the head nanny over at, has written a preposterous and irresponsible editorial suggesting that Alzheimer’s disease is both related to mad cow disease and caused by meat consumption. The great-great-grandson of meat-packing mogul Herman Armour, he now makes his living bashing meat and promoting vegetarianism.

Nelson has tried to link food choices to Alzheimer’s disease before, claiming that eating meat and dairy products causes Alzheimer’s by elevating homocysteine levels. This is one activist who clearly doesn’t understand the facts or the science involved. According to the American Heart Association, the best way to lower homocysteine levels is to increase your intake of vitamins B6 and B12. And how do you do that? According to the Mayo Clinic, the best sources of these nutrients are “Poultry, fish, pork, eggs, meat, [and] dairy,” among other things.

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