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High On Mad Cow Disease

There’s a late entrant in the global contest to see who can jump to the most outrageous conclusions regarding mad cow disease, and it’s High Times magazine. This counter-culture monthly is best known for its open advocacy of recreational marijuana use and predictable features on such heroes as Bob Marley and Cheech & Chong. Now add to its list of reliable sources Thomas Pringle of fame. Pringle is a nanny of the highest order, and continues to insist that American mad cow disease is incubating silently. In an attempt (we suppose) to keep the food chain safe for any readers who might have the munchies, High Times reinforces this alarmist view with its own rhetoric: “The long-term implications for the planet and its human and animal inhabitants are staggering. The list of vehicles which may harbor this hidden killer runs like a shopping list of common products.”

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