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Law And Order, Locals Respond To Small Numbers

Although pre-event reports by the The San Diego Union Tribune estimated that as many as “4,000 to 8,000” protesters would show up, on-the-scene reports yesterday and today place the number in the high hundreds rather than thousands. Still, those breaking the law are being escorted directly to the pokey. Unlike last year’s Washington, DC World Bank protesters, San Diego lawbreakers will be held overnight in jail. Police have said that there will be no “cite-and-release” policy. While organizers from the Ruckus Society (the same group that organized looting thugs in Seattle) complained that “the whole downtown has been militarized,” onlookers downplayed the show of police strength. One bystander told the Los Angeles Times: “This is mellow. I was in Washington in the 60’s – this is kindergarten.” Some conference participants wondered aloud how much of the protest actually had anything to do with biotech. “There are ‘Blame Bush’ placards and signs to free death row prisoners,” one attendee told the Union Tribune. “It looks like ‘pick your favorite issue and come on down.'” Dan Eramian, chief spokesman for the biotech industry group holding the conference, told the

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