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Are StarLink ‘victims’ faking it?

The New York Times reports that new findings show “virtually all the food samples collected from consumers who complained of allergic reactions to StarLink corn did not contain the genetically modified corn at all.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had previously announced there was no evidence that StarLink corn caused a single allergic reaction in consumers who have complained of related health problems. The Times notes that the only bag of corn chips to test positive for the StarLink gene came directly from a grocery store, and not from a consumer’s kitchen. Florida optometrist Keith Finger claimed that he suffered a StarLink-related allergic reaction, but the tortilla chip samples he provided to the FDA were purchased from a local grocer, and didn’t come from the same “production lot” as the chips he claims made him sick. Finger made headlines earlier this week when the Environmental Protection Agency warned him not to eat corn chips at a public hearing on the subject. He had apparently planned to attempt to induce an allergic reaction, as a sort of impromptu performance art.

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