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Foes of genetically improved foods go grant-shopping

Foundation money is the mother’s milk of the modern Nanny Culture. For instance, we’ve long known that anti-biotech activists get most of their funding from private foundations — names like Pew, Packard, MacArthur, and Ford come to mind. Some of the larger philanthropies even share board members with the nonprofits that they fund. But it’s unusual to see the funding process unfolding in the light of day, and today we have just such a treat. A web site called is reporting that two tax-exempt groups in California are currently “forum shopping” for grant money that would specifically be targeted toward attacking the biotech foods industry. The Institute for Food and Development Policy (informally known as “Food First”) wants $450,000 to team up with another group, called the Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA). If their proposal is funded, these two groups would begin a national onslaught to try and shape public opinion against genetically improved foods. Their grant proposal describes how Food First and PANNA would “forcefully argue that the best choices are ‘none of the above,’ neither genetic engineering nor pesticides, but rather biological pest control, integrated pest management, organic farming, and argoecology.”

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