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‘NotMilk’ fanatic wants his propaganda in your child’s school

Robert Cohen, of the deceptively-named Dairy Education Board
, wants access to your children – or at least to their school hallways. He’s producing a new poster that supposedly spells out, from A to Z, the “dangers” of drinking milk
and eating dairy products (B is for Breast Cancer…M is for Mad Cow Disease…S is for Sudden Infant Death…you get the picture).

In an effort to drum up business for his publishing company (Argus Publishing, which is producing the posters), Cohen sent the following e-mail to his activist list this morning:

“This poster should hang in the hallways of your child’s school. This message should be displayed in the nurse’s office. If schools reject this poster while promoting the message supplied by the milk processors, imagine the possibilities? GOT LITIGATION? The Dairy Education Board is prepared to file suits in every state in America

Argus is also printing and distributing Cohen’s new book, Milk A-Z
, which he is trying to get placed into every library in the country (most of which are in schools). Yesterday’s activist e-mail included the following exhortation:

“Harriet Beacher Stowe’s novel (Uncle Tom’s Cabin) started the Civil War. Milk A-Z will destroy the dairy industry. Our mission is to get it into the hands of millions of Americans
…We need a benefactor. Your $100,000 donation will place a book into every library in America.”

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