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Nanny biotech hysteria shifts from food safety to Marxism

Canadian opinion-shapers are starting to wake up to the Nanny Culture’s anti-biotech shenanigans. There, groups like Greenpeace, the National Farmers Union, and the Council of Canadians have been demanding an end to the test-planting of genetically improved wheat. Yesterday, the National Post editorial board took these organizations’ collective “logic” to its naturally absurd conclusion

“If such Luddite anxieties are to become federal policy,” writes the National Post, “then we had better also undo the past century of Canadian agriculture, and perhaps the three before that just to be safeā€¦ if they want to be real biopurists, Greenpeace and its confreres may also consider advocating the removal of wheat from the continent altogether. It is native only to southwest Asia, and was introduced to Canada no earlier than 1605.”

The editorial concludes that “enemies of genetically modified crops have become so engrossed in their subMarxist theories of corporate conspiracy that they dismiss [biotech’s] advances. They want to destroy the technologies of the new green revolution, and they regard the impoverishment and continued suffering of millions of poor people around the world as an acceptable level of collateral damage.”

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