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Anti-meat and anti-dairy activists play the ‘black marketing’ game

We define black marketing as “the effort by environmentalists, animal-rights activists, or other anti-choice zealots, to publicly disparage one set of food choices in order to promote other products on which they depend for income or political clout.” It’s a definition that the food nannies at Vegsource Interactive could have written themselves. We told you yesterday about how Vegsource was cleaning up by promoting a brand of “vegan soap” marketed by a board member of Earthsave International (whose incoming chairman, Jeffrey Armour Nelson, runs Vegsource).

Now it looks like Vegsource has completely thrown objectivity to the wind, routinely slamming meat and dairy while explicitly endorsing a wide range of vegetarian-only food brands. Under the headline “Convenience Foods We Love,” Jeff Nelson and his wife Sabrina praise products from White Wave, Imagine Foods, Yves Veggie cuisine, Whole Foods, and Clif & Luna bars. Vegsource claims that its mission is to “offer the most up to date health and diet information possible.” Could it be that Nelson’s real mission is to scare consumers into spending heavily on “alternative” cuisine?

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