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Cummins, Come To Your Senses!

The New York Times noted last week that in the wake of September 11, many advocacy groups have toned down their rhetoric. A blatant exception: the Organic Consumers Association (OCA). As we previously reported, OCA proceeded with plans to protest outside Starbucks establishments in over 300 cities, including a New York City site two miles from the World Trade Center “ground zero.”

OCA’s Ronnie Cummins “said he received one irate e-mail message ‘from somebody who said it was a shame and why didn’t we move to Afghanistan,'” he told the Times. “But he added that his volunteers said that Wall Street resumed business ‘and so did our criticism of corporate behavior.'” If Cummins and OCA weren’t out taking it to the streets, they might have noticed that Starbucks has announced it will make organic yogurt available as a choice for its customers.

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