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Milking Anthrax Fears

The anti-consumer-choice movement has found its new scare. In what must be the most outrageous and unbelievable attempt to cash in on Americans’ fear of terrorism, anti-dairy fanatic Robert Cohen has declared anthrax “more bad news for milk/meat lovers.”

“While Foot and Mouth Disease plagued England, American meat producers feared that an outbreak in the United States would mean an end to our meat industry,” Cohen writes. “Compared to anthrax, Foot and Mouth Disease is that cute little baby dog playing with a ball of string.” Cohen charges, “The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) continues to contain the anthrax epidemic story. That news blackout protects the meat industry from a food panic, likes of which has never been experienced in America.” He suggests that anthrax has already appeared in the U.S. meat and dairy supply in Minnesota.

A day later, Cohen provided a sheepish update, noting that investigators believe the Florida anthrax cases were an intentional attack caused by synthesized spores. Still, he insists that the USDA is using “their enormous resources to censor and keep the truth about America’s meat supply from Americans.” Without much disapproval, Cohen says “an American anthrax epidemic might very well have ended the consumption of meat in America.”

So what’s the truth about Cohen? The anti-milk zealot has tried to get anti-milk propaganda placed in public schools, called for harassing milk drinkers and meat eaters, and even told USDA inspectors that he would “bring Hoof and Mouth (sic) back to America and spread it around” in an attempt to get arrested and gain free publicity just as his book was coming out. Does Cohen “got milk”? No — but he’s got an anti-consumer-choice agenda.

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