Terrorists On The March — In America

As the executive director of the Center For Consumer Freedom writes in an op-ed published in today’s USA Today, “The growing wave of domestic terrorism by animal-rights, anti-corporate and anti-biotech extremists has gone beyond vandalism. Property has been destroyed, and lives have been put at risk… The people we need to worry about, though, may not be international terrorists. They could be the middle-class kids down the street.”

The terrorist Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and Earth Liberation Front (ELF) took credit for firebombing a Tucson McDonald’s on the very day of the terror attacks on New York and Washington. And since September 11, they have continued their violent anti-consumer-choice jihad. ALF — which as Consumer Freedom writes has, with ELF, “claimed responsibility for vandalism at New York banks, arsons and firebombings at meat companies, the destruction of homes in several states, and the burning of a feed mill in Wisconsin” — takes credit for setting a fire at a New Mexico primate-research facility nine days after September 11.

Just last week, activists targeted a Little Rock firm with ties to Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), a British crop and animal research firm. HLS, firebombed in August 2000, became so afraid of animal rights terrorists that its directors tried to remove their home addresses from public records out of fear of attacks on their families. The company even changed its name. But that doesn’t hold off the radicals — they’re coming here. Shouted one Little Rock demonstrator: “The Battle of Little Rock has begun.”

The Consumer Freedom op-ed notes, “Federal agents are investigating a fire and unexploded incendiary devices found Oct. 15 at a government holding pen for wild horses and burros in Nevada — a site where animal-rights extremists committed arson in 1991.” Now, ELF is taking credit for the attack. Said the group in a communiqué: “In the name of all that is wild we will continue to target industries and organizations that seek to profit by destroying the earth.”

Click here to hear the quote by Bruce Friedrich featured in the op-ed.

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