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Beating Up On Biotech

“Nice farm you got there. Hate to see anything bad happen to it.”

That’s the basic message of a new briefing paper released by the anti-technology Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), working with the anti-biotech Genetically Engineered Food Alert. The paper, “GMO Liability Threats for Farmers,” says farmers who grow genetically improved crops — called by the European Union “even safer than conventional plants and foods” — are at legal risk.

The message: If you can’t beat ’em with science, take ’em to court.

IATP says this is just the first in a series of propaganda papers it will release with GE Food Alert. What’s the motive? IATP is a left-leaning anti-corporate organization that uses its activist network to strong-arm American corporations into endorsing the “politically correct” trading model, which includes importing more food from “sustainable” growers in other countries. U.S.-produced new food technologies fly in the face of IATP’s dogma. (For more on IATP, visit our new website, with more information on other activist groups coming soon.)

As for GE Food Alert, it isn’t a group itself — it’s a coalition of groups (including IATP) that have been ganging up on genetic improvement for years. Among them: Greenpeace, which has led activist raids on grocery stores where they slap labels on biotech products, and the Organic Consumers Association. (There’s info on both of these groups at as well.)

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