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Science Isn’t Golden To CFS

Golden rice, genetically improved to offer Vitamin A to the undernourished, is one of the crops that Gro Harlem Brundtland, director of the World Health Organization, says could become a “major lifesaver” to tens of thousands. But for anti-technology fanatics like Andrew Kimbrell of the Center for Food Safety (CFS), “golden rice is a poison.”

We’ve documented the motives of Kimbrell and CFS at Kimbrell has built a career around attacking food. He got his start working under neo-Luddite Jeremy Rifkin, then moved on to run campaigns against various food technologies. His recent efforts have focused on securing mandatory labels for genetically improved foods; he has said, “We are going to force them to label this food. If we have it labeled, then we can organize people not to buy it.”

Kimbrell also has played a big part in the mad cow scare campaign, filing lawsuits aimed at the government as part of the elaborate effort to make Americans think that mad cow disease was already present in the United States — even though the odds against this are one billion to one.

In his scare campaign against the types of food technologies that saved hundreds of thousands of lives during the Green Revolution, Kimbrell endangers a product that is “capable of saving a generation of poor children.” Kimbrell trash-talks biotech to promote CFS and himself, despite the fact that the European Union has called genetically improved foods “even safer than conventional plants and foods.”

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