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Doctoring The Truth

The extremist-linked anti-consumer group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is running ads claiming that milk is bad for you. Let’s let a real doctor respond to PCRM’s claims.

“I think that particular group has their own sort of agenda, of not wanting milk production around, and cows to be utilized,” says Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Daniel Cramer, speaking of Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation-backed PCRM. “Their agenda is that [they] don’t want… cows exploited or they want everybody to be vegetarians.”

Cramer has reason to be upset: PCRM’s ads claim milk and dairy products contribute to “obesity, ear infections, constipation, respiratory problems, heart disease, and some cancers” — and insist Cramer’s research backs up the claims. Cramer says those conclusions are false — his research never supported such conclusions.

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