“By Any Means Necessary”

Anti-meat extremists promise to engage in “direct action by any means necessary” in Washington February 12, when the U.S. House holds hearings on eco-terror. Demonstrations are planned for Boston, Los Angeles, Portland, Washington, and other cities.

Ex-Earth Liberation Front (ELF) spokesman Craig Rosebraugh has been called to testify. ELF and its sister group ALF (the Animal Liberation Front) took credit for 137 attacks in 2001 — many of them coming after September 11. Most recently, ELF planted time bombs at a government horse corral in October, and took credit “for the setting of incendiary devices” at the University of Minnesota in January.

On ELF’s website, which opens with a picture of an ELF-torched building aflame, readers can download a manual on “Setting Fires with Electrical Timers” — building crude bombs. And ALF’s David Barbarash sells books online that teach “blockading tactics,” “thievery and trespassing,” “covert direct action,” and even sinking ships.

According to ELF, the government is harassing Rosebraugh simply “for expressing his opinion.”

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