Hardly “A Noble Cause”

“Undeterred by the post-Sept. 11 national mood, animal-rights and environmental radicals are continuing with property-destroying direct actions,” Mother Jones reports. “Now, Congress is coming after them. The carnage of Sept. 11 has prompted most American activist groups to back away, at least for now, from militant tactics — but not the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front.”

Even this left-leaning publication has doubts about ecoterrorists like ELF and ALF. While other violent radicals made strategic retreats after Sept. 11, “ELF and ALF were proudly claiming credit for an ongoing string of destructive attacks, from setting fires at a federal wild horse facility in California to an arson attack on a New Mexico biotechnology facility… [ALF] claims credit for more than 25 instances of eco-sabotage since mid-September, ranging from smashed windows to arson and bomb scares. Overall, the report attributes ‘137 illegal direct actions in North America in 2001’ to a variety of groups affiliated with either ALF or ELF, causing an alleged $17.3 million in damages.”

Tomorrow, the U.S. House holds a hearing on ecoterrorism to be chaired by Rep. Scott McInnis (R-Colo.), “whose district includes Vail, site of the most spectacular ELF action to date: a 1998 arson at a ski resort

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