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VegSource’s Dairy Diary

VegSource, an anti-meat website run by Armour meatpacking heir Jeffrey Armour Nelson (who is the incoming chairman of EarthSave International), is running “The Sad Truth About Robert Cohen” at the top of its homepage, asking, “Do honesty and character count in an activist?”

Cohen is an anti-dairy polemicist who has run screeds on his website, NotMilk, blaming dairy products for everything from the recent anthrax scare to the death of American Indians. Until a recent spat, Nelson hosted Cohen’s NotMilk diatribes within the VegSource network. Now, VegSource has adopted a Cohen-free diet. Writes Nelson:

Cohen is “abusive, dishonest and threatening.”
“Were he not an ‘activist,’ everyone would roundly condemn and shun him.”
“Cohen has exhibited a disturbing pattern of harassment and threats.”
“Cohen has engaged repeatedly in reprehensible conduct.”
“Cohen should come with a serious warning label.”

Nelson also cites “Cohen’s repeated dishonesty and malicious behavior,” and notes, “I’ve always had mixed feelings about Mr. Cohen.” All of this begs the question: If Cohen has a history of not being trustworthy and accurate, why did Nelson and VegSource publish his dietary advice for years?

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