A Fifth Of Rosebraugh

At a hearing held under tight security “because of threats,” the U.S. House questioned Craig Rosebraugh, ex-spokesman for the Earth Liberation Front, on the group’s acts of domestic terrorism yesterday. Citing his Fifth Amendment rights, Rosebraugh refused to answer over 50 questions, including such potentially incriminating queries as whether he was a U.S. citizen and what role he thought science had in society. His refusal to provide information led one frustrated congressman to ask if Rosebraugh was related to Enron CEO Ken Lay. (The Center for Consumer Freedom also provided testimony at the hearing.)

While Rosebraugh refused to speak to Congress, he did find time for a CNN interview. He was also more effusive in written testimony submitted to the House. In addition to such relevant statements as “Free Mumia Abu Jamal!,” Rosebraugh’s testimony asserts that the U.S. war against terrorism “is the latest example of U.S. based terrorism and imperialism.” He concludes: “LONG LIVE THE EARTH LIBERATION FRONT. LONG LIVE THE ANIMAL LIBERATION FRONT. LONG LIVE ALL THE SPARKS ATTEMPTING TO IGNITE THE REVOLUTION. SOONER OR LATER THE SPARKS WILL TURN INTO A FLAME!” When asked if he had submitted the testimony‚Ķ Rosebraugh took the Fifth.

Less reticent to speak than Rosebraugh is Ted Turner, who in a speech Monday said of the World Trade Center attack hijackers, “I think they were brave at the very least.” When it comes to his skewed notions of bravery, Turner puts big money where his big mouth is: The Turner Foundation has given money to the Ruckus Society, which trains activists like those seen in Seattle in 1999 in “police confrontation strategies,” with the specific purpose of “support of Direct Action Training Camps.”

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