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Striking At Starbucks

The Organic Consumers Association. (OCA) will “stage protests” outside Starbucks establishments in 300 U.S. cities February 23 through March 2, harassing customers with demands that the coffee vendor remove genetically improved ingredients from its products.

This isn’t the first such OCA action. In fact, with a startling lack of perspective, they held protests all across America less than a week after September 11 — including a demonstration at a New York site two miles from WTC Ground Zero.

It’s all part of the percolating “politically correct” java movement that demands coffee sellers use only organic, “fair trade” beans — which means buying only from growers and distributors who meet the activists’ arbitrary standards. One such “approved” distributor is Peace Coffee, a company run by the heads of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. They sell “fair trade, organic, shade-grown coffees” — for profit, at $9.50 per pound. That’s about twice the retail price consumers pay today.

To learn more about the Organic Consumers Association and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, visit

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