America’s Number One Terrorists

“The No. 1 domestic terrorist group identified this week by the Federal Bureau of Investigation is not al Qaeda or the Aryan Nation,” The Wall Street Journal‘s Collin Levey writes. No, it’s the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) — a group that’s about “more than just tree-hugging.” ELF is distinguished from other activist groups by “the growing severity of its means” — setting off time bombs and incendiary devices, destroying research facilities, running online eco-terror training camps, and more. The group took credit for 137 attacks in 2001, “That’s a point of pride for the group, which boastfully puts up the Justice Department’s tally of its tail of destruction on its Web site,” Levey writes.

The U.S. House held a hearing on eco-terror and ELF last week. According to testimony by the Executive Director of the Center for Consumer Freedom, ELF and its sister group ALF (the Animal Liberation Front) “have claimed responsibility for smashing bank windows, torching a chicken feed truck, burning a horse corral at a Bureau of Land Management facility, firebombing dealer lots full of sport utility vehicles, destroying valuable scientific laboratory equipment and many years worth of irreplaceable research documents, ‘spiking’ trees, and even setting bombs under meat delivery trucks.”

What’s scary is that ELF received $1,500 from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in 2001. In 1995 PETA even sent over $70,000 to ALF member Rodney Coronado, convicted of arson in an attack on a university research lab. What’s even scarier is that the Center for Consumer Freedom has found that the Ruckus Society, which has helped train eco-terrorists, has received donations from the Turner Foundation and the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation.

(For more on the money trail, visit To read our complete testimony, click here.)

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