Sierra Club Plays Chicken

We’ve told you about the Water Keepers and their anti-meat campaign. We predicted the next step would be an attack on chicken farmers. Now, the Sierra Club is stepping in, getting ready to sue four Kentucky farms contracted by Tyson Foods.

A small group of picketers demonstrated outside a Louisville courthouse last week, calling on the government to “clean up” what they called “Big Chicken.” They say the issue is emissions. But is there more to it than that?

One Sierra Club state director recently penned an essay on “The High Price Of Cheap Meat,” arguing that inexpensive and plentiful meat products are bad. “If you choose to buy meats from the supermarket counters — and it comes from one of the large companies — enjoy your meal. It is costing you and others many times what you paid.” The Sierra Club kindly offers a “solution”: to “purchase meats grown by sustainable, diversified, independent producers.”

It’s just the latest volley in the campaign to bring down meat producers. Water Keepers head Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has vowed to put “an end to this industry,” ominously declaring: “We’re starting with hogs. After the hogs, then we are going after the other ones.”

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