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Eating Crowe?

“Think you’re fat?” asks U.S. News and World Report‘s Paul Bedard, who adds that the Surgeon General “recently issued a report calling the nation a bunch of porkers. But wait. Readjusted government fat calculations say handsome Beautiful Mind and Gladiator star Russell Crowe is obese… Crazy? You bet, says… the Center for Consumer Freedom.”

“A 1998 change in how body mass is measured is starting to play into the hands of fat fighters, who are now proposing snack taxes and even class action suits against fast-food restaurants,” Bedard continues. So this week, the Center for Consumer Freedom launched “The Fat Scale” at

As our calculator shows, if you’re government-certified “obese,” you’re in good company with Oscar-nominated hottie Crowe, and sex symbol Tom Cruise. And if Uncle Sam thinks you’re “overweight,” you’re no worse off than sports stars Michael Jordan and Cal Ripken, Jr. Give our scale a spin.

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