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Got Terror?

“A self-righteous animal-rights group is trying to scare children” away from drinking milk, The Edmonton Sun declared last fall, commenting on PETA’s schoolyard scare campaign against milk. PETA went to schools and distributed cards showing sickly children suffering ailments PETA claims are brought on by milk. “Never mind that top medical and nutrition experts have long promoted milk because it’s loaded with calcium and other nutrients,” the Sun said.

Now, PETA has crossed the border, running an ad in a Wisconsin high school paper that alleges that “dairy products cause acne,” the Associated Press reports. The ad, a parody of the popular “Got Milk?” ads, “shows the face of a young woman with acne and with the milk-moustache used in the dairy advertisements.”

Says a representative of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture: “My first reaction to the ad is to say to them, ‘Got bull?’ [PETA] will say anything for a headline and, as a result, they have absolutely no credibility. Their ad campaigns run the gamut from tasteless to just plain dumb and this one is both… They should find a way to be advocates for vegetarianism without lying.”

But there’s more to PETA’s anti-milk campaign than mere deception. PETA has funneled over $600,000 to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), an animal-rights front group that recently launched a major anti-dairy ad campaign. PCRM’s Neal Barnard recently engineered a letter-writing campaign with Kevin Jonas of the violent animal rights group SHAC — a former spokesman for the FBI-labeled terrorist Animal Liberation Front (ALF). Both SHAC and ALF engage in firebombing, property destruction, and other forms of violence, as does ALF’s sister group, the Earth Liberation Front — which has received direct funding from PETA.

Read more about the PCRM-SHAC connection, and PETA’s funding of ELF, or click over to for more on PETA, PCRM, and other militant activist groups.

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