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The Rise of NGOs

The International Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources asks: “Who are the NGOs?” And how did these “non-governmental organizations” get so powerful?

“They are yesterday’s special interest groups who today, have convinced the public and the press that they are the moral compass and ethical watchdogs against the forces of government and capitalism… They start from a single cause… They develop an infrastructure… They become a business with a keen eye to making money; except they don’t pay taxes on the revenue, nor do they use the money to solve the problems from which they make their money.”

“Many factors played into the rapid rise and amassment of power and influence [including] an increase in disposable income and the most powerful tool for the effective development of social activism; the rise of the Internet. Suddenly there was money, a sympathetic army, and a method to reach millions with pictures and propaganda.”

“Today, the plethora of NGOs shares several key elements in common. They are anti-business, distrustful of government… educated, sophisticated communicators, and zealous in the conviction of the correctness of their views… Their weapons are public exposes, boycotts, litigation, tariffs, prohibitions, regulatory restraints, public demonstrations… grassroots mobilization, state ballot initiatives, third party certification, labeling and more.”

“They know that ‘perception is reality,’ that emotion is a more powerful motivator than fact and reason, and that feelings are more compelling than thought. Finally, they abide by the rule that the end justifies the means… The leaders are cynical, savvy, brilliant strategists and well aware how to amass and use power… and money.”

The Center for Consumer Freedom tracks the activities of activists and NGOs (click any link in this story to learn more) — and exposes the truth about their funding. Visit for details.

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