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Bill Maher, Disease Host

Hosting anti-meat activist Howard Lyman on “Politically Incorrect” last week, Bill Maher — an animal-rights activist himself — offered these remarks: “I have mentioned before on this show, when the subject of mad cow disease came up, that I do have a strong position on that. I’m for it.” Echoing PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk (who has said of hoof-and-mouth disease: “I openly hope it will come here”) Maher continued: “I think it would be a good thing if a few cases came over here and people stopped eating meat… I think food is certainly as big a killer as the other big killer — tobacco — in America.”

Lyman, a former rancher who now makes a living hawking a book promoting a mad cow scare, gleefully proclaimed: “Isn’t it wonderful? We have chronic wasting disease in the deer and elk so that the hunters can go out and get mad cow disease from the deer and elk now. It’s finally time for the deer and elk to get even with the hunters.”

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