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March Of Crimes

The March of Dimes courageously takes on birth defects — but now, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is taking on the March of Dimes.

PCRM seems to think the March of Dimes’s efforts to end polio and decrease infant mortality do not qualify as “responsible medicine.” PCRM activists are “targeting the March of Dimes fundraiser, WalkAmerica,” believing that stopping medical experimentation on animals is more important than saving the lives of human infants.

Of course, PCRM is nothing more than an animal-rights front group, funded through a foundation controlled by PETA. PCRM has even tacitly endorsed violence against medical testers: PCRM’s Neal Barnard recently engineered a letter-writing campaign with Kevin Jonas of the violent animal rights group SHAC, which has beaten employees of a medical testing firm with baseball bats, sprayed them with chemicals, issued death threats, firebombed cars, and more. Jonas is a former spokesman for the FBI-labeled terrorist Animal Liberation Front (ALF) — whose sister group, the Earth Liberation Front, has received direct funding from PETA.

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