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Anarchy In The Kitchen!

In a satire, Lydia McGrew takes a look at the disturbing new trend of “homefeeding” — a shocking practice in which parents usurp the role of government and actually make their own choices about what to feed their children:

“While the majority of the local children still receive their nutrition from state cafeterias or approved, registered private cafeterias, a growing minority of parents — hundreds by some estimates — are engaged in homefeeding, a practice in which children receive at least breakfast and dinner in their own homes as provided by their parents… Homefeeding is relatively unregulated, giving carte blanch to parents to feed their children virtually any food under the sun; meat, milk, cookies, butter, pie — anything goes.

“Some states require parents to have a certified degree in nutrition or at least be monitored by an accredited nutritionist,” McGrew writes, and some homefeeding opponents say the practice results in “abuse and neglect.” Says a representative of the “State Department of Cafeterias and Caloric Monitoring”: “I realize that there are conscientious parents who genuinely try to feed their children what they need. But they should have no objection to filling out the forms we are introducing, describing each of the meals they give… It is ridiculous not to monitor what all children are fed because of a misguided concern for ‘privacy’ or ‘freedom.'”

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