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RFK Jr. And Organic: Twice The Price

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of the Water Keeper Alliance proved that his anti-pork activism is directly linked to organic marketing when, appearing last week at a California event hosted by the Organic Valley company, he urged consumers to buy only organically grown products.

Of course, organic food can cost twice as much as conventionally grown foods, but that doesn’t matter much to a Kennedy. Theresa Marquez, Organic Valley’s marketing director, has even said: “The question is not, why is organic food so expensive. The question is, why are the foods we are eating now so cheap.”

Kennedy and Water Keeper laud “sustainable” pork produced on a model similar to that of Sweden, where pork prices have risen as high as $12 per pound. His activism could drive companies out of business, force thousands of workers out of their jobs, and drive up the price of pork for consumers. No wonder his former mentor Robert Boyle has called him “very reckless.”

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