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Coming to a Mosh Pit Near You

Making its way slowly across the U.S. this summer, the Green Anarchy Tour promises to raise eyebrows as its organizers subject 40 American cities to punk rock concerts and “direct action” workshops. Bridget Barton of United Press International isn’t fooled by code words like this: “Direct action,” she writes, “is the euphemism anarchists and eco-terrorists use in lieu of ‘sabotage,’ ‘arson,’ and other words that might better describe their attacks.”

In hard-core activist circles, the green anarchists are known more for infighting and physically assaulting members of other “affinity groups.” Can we really expect followers of this fringe lifestyle to act on their pledge to “destroy civilization on this stolen land”? Absolutely, says eco-terror expert Ron Arnold. He told CNS News last week that activists involved in the Green Anarchy movement advocate “violence, murder, property damage, [and] everything you can think of.”

Green Anarchy, Arnold notes, plans to give the tour’s proceeds to convicted criminals with ties to the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), an FBI-certified “domestic terror group.” People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals made headlines in February, when the Center for Consumer Freedom revealed that it had made a cash donation to ELF in 2001. [Ron Arnold has begun to research the identities of some of the Green Anarchy organizers]

If you need additional reasons to be extra careful when the tour rolls into your home town, consider that the Spring 2002 issue of Green Anarchy magazine — published by the same group organizing this Summer’s events — features a cover story written by multiple-murderer Theodore “the Unabomber” Kaczynski. His article, called “Hit Where it Hurts,” urges budding anarchists to “attack” various “vital organs” of our modern society. These, he says, include the electric-power, communications, computer, entertainment, journalism, broadcasting, advertising, and biotechnology industries.

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