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Big Milk On Campus

“It looks like those animal-rights freaks known as PETA are coming back,” writes Winnipeg Sun columnist Tom Brodbeck. He’s right. The Virginia group with ties to domestic terrorism is reviving its anti-milk message just in time for the new school year.

PETA has announced that it’s revisiting its baseless “Got Beer?” campaign, which Brodbeck calls a “moronic suds-versus-milk stunt,” and taking it to over a dozen universities in North America.

Clearly weary of PETA’s tactics, Brodbeck notes: “These were the same dorks that came to Winnipeg last year and tried to scare little kids at an elementary school by telling them that drinking milk would give them zits and worse, cause diabetes and make their bones fragile. Annoyed parents quickly rushed their children past the demonstration, complaining that these squirrel huggers should take their crusade elsewhere.”

Those Canadian parents may as well have been talking to a wall. As James Lileks wrote in a recent column, trying to convince PETA-philes that their chosen end doesn’t justify their means is a waste of time. In addition to shooting for a milk-free world, he says, PETA’s minions “want to eliminate the consumption of meat.”

“Remember,” Lileks warns, tongue firmly planted in cheek, “they’re better than you. Their ethics and morals are superior to yours, you gross murdering cod-muncher. They have the right to decide what should sit on your dinner plate.”

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