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American Consumer Freedom

One year ago today, a band of murderous thugs shook our world up in ways we are still struggling to understand. On this most solemn anniversary, we at the Center for Consumer Freedom hope that all Americans take a moment to reflect upon, and appreciate, the freedoms that we too often take for granted.

Among our most cherished and undilutable freedoms is the right to speak our minds, no matter the tenor of our beliefs. But with that right comes a responsibility to respect our neighbors’ freedoms as well. When activists choose to express themselves by stomping on the liberties of others — whether through violent in-your-face protest tactics, invasive sorties into the family lives of innocent children and earnest parents, or even explosive, life-threatening hostility — the noble cause of freedom suffers tremendously.

In this spirit, we’d like to remind everyone who reads our daily missives that domestic “social change” activists of all stripes, no matter how passionately we disagree with them, are Americans too. We must always respect their right to speak freely. But when their choice of actions or allegiances threaten our freedoms, our safety, and perhaps even our lives, we must never make the mistake of respecting them.

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