PETA pummels the facts

We’re not sure what possessed Jeffrey Kerr, legal counsel for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), to claim in The Des Moines Register this week that his organization “does not support violence.” We don’t know how he can get away with publicly stating that PETA “has never funded convicted Earth Liberation Front Terrorists or any terrorists at all.”

We do know that Kerr’s words are a pure fabrication. PETA has a long history of supporting violent criminals, and has directly given over $100,000 to those convicted of arson, attempted murder, and large-scale vandalism.

PETA seems to be digging itself a deeper and deeper hole with each new lie. Barely seven months ago, PETA co-founder Ingrid Newkirk told a national TV audience on CNN’s Crossfire that her organization doesn’t go after kids. Her exact words: “Everything we do is based at adults.”

Yet this week the group announced the latest in a series of plans to target children. This time it’s not phony anti-milk trading cards or demonstrations outside elementary schools. Parents beware: PETA is actually encouraging high school students to “cut class” rather than attend a biology class where they might be expected to dissect a frog.

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