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Mad cows? No problem.

It appears that Great Britain has finally gotten a clue. Today’s Scotsman reports that >“the chances of a sheep developing a BSE- [mad cow-] type disease under normal farming conditions are, on any base of present knowledge, nil.”

That same editorial also notes that “the chances of a genetically modified crop affecting human health are, from any rational or commonsense base, nil.”

Speaking of the danger to humans from mad-cow-infected cattle, the Scotsman concludes: “The vCJD death toll is likely to fall far short of the apocalyptic tens of thousands forecast by some.”

In this country, those prognosticators of doom and gloom include John Stauber of the far-left-leaning Center for Media and Democracy. Through a new web site,, Stauber is inciting needless worry over the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease, a naturally occurring deer- and elk-sickness from the same general family as the dreaded mad-cow.

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