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Our Week In Review

If you’ve been reading the Center for Consumer Freedom’s Daily Headlines this week…

You’ve seen how the golden-arches money-grab continues to get laughed out of the court of public opinion, and how celebrity cookbooks have sunk to the bottom of the animal rights shopping list.

You’ve learned that Great Britain’s top minds finally understand the risks of eating genetically improved foods (there aren’t any), and that the nation’s leading pediatrics journal has put the lie to animal rights claims about drinking milk.

You’ve read about the New York Times and its penchant for mixing activism with journalism, and about the decline of vegetarianism around the world.

You know why police in full riot gear were needed to contain supposedly “nonviolent” animal rights protesters, and why your next organic fruit plate just might bite back.

If you know someone who should be reading the Center for Consumer Freedom Daily Headlines, drop them an e-mail telling them to start!

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