What’s a little fake blood between adversaries?

Lately, the animal rights world has been busy causing trouble for all sorts of freedom-loving folks. Here’s a sampling of what they’ve been up to:

Two PETA protesters were arrested on Friday outside a Macy’s store in Boston, where they were protesting the retail outlet’s sale of fur coats. The Boston Herald reports that the animal-rights duo “doused themselves, Boston cops, and Macy’s front doors in fake blood.”

In the UK, police arrested 18 SHAC campaigners during a day of protests at the site of Cambridge University’s proposed primate research center. SHAC has previously been singularly focused on the animal research labs of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), and one protester reinforced this theme to the Cambridge News. “We won’t rest,” he said, “until the HLS lab has been closed down.”

New York City’s chapter of Earthsave International is promoting the upcoming speaking appearance by PETA campaign director Bruce Friedrich. Earthsave NYC is distributing a colorful poster billing Friedrich’s speech as “Extending Our Circle of Compassion.” Funny – they forgot to factor in Friedrich’s public call for the wholesale destruction of restaurants, meat processors, research laboratories and financial institutions. How “compassionate” is that?

The Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front have acknowledged their guilt in the fire that destroyed a Pennsylvania mink breeding farm last month. In a “communiqué” worthy of al quaeda, ALF and ELF called the United States of America “the world’s most accomplished and proven terrorist.”

Scientists in India are complaining that animal rights activists are hampering their ability to conduct medical research. Foreshadowing what might come to pass in the U.S. if PETA’s bizarre utopia were ever fully-grown, India’s National Institute of Immunology complained to the British Medical Journal that activists “have made serious real-life biomedical research nearly impossible to pursue in India.”

Tennessee governor Don Sundquist, who had previously taken flak from animal rights activists for refusing to proclaim a “vegan month” in his state, delivered a farewell address to state farmers on Monday. Sundquist apologized for signing a “World farm Animals Day” proclamation in October, when he was presumably unaware that it was a project of the radical Farm Animal Reform Movement.

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