Eco-Nut: ‘Terrorism Can Be OK’

Craig Rosebraugh, the former Earth Liberation Front (ELF) “spokesperson” who invoked the Fifth Amendment over 50 times during a Congressional hearing last year, is far more open and candid with Portland’s Willamette Week. “Terrorism can be OK” and “can be justified,” Rosebraugh now says.

Whether you agree with Rosebraugh or not, the ELF is certainly contributing a good deal of terror to the equation. Early New Year’s Day, ELF vandals firebombed four new sport utility vehicles on an auto dealership’s lot near Erie, Pennsylvania.

The site was just miles away from a mink farm where ELF, along with the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) set fire to a barn in November. The Erie Times-News notes that a total of seven violent crimes, including several arsons and a tree-spiking incident, have been attributed to the ELF in that region since last March. Elsewhere, the Boston Herald reports that ELF criminals have followed up their Virginia SUV vandalism spree with a similar one in Newton, Massachusetts.

Activists on the animal-rights side of the terrorism ledger have been equally busy lately. In the UK, an ALF-affiliated group called the Animal Rights Militia (ARM) claimed last month that it added paint stripper to 300 jars of Oil of Olay. ARM is apparently upset that Procter & Gamble uses animals in safety assessments of its products. The same group announced just before Christmas that it had sent holiday cards containing razor blades to eight Britons, including four poultry farmers and one shareholder in Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Also in Great Britain, activists burned an animal feed business to the ground on December 26, and spray-painted animal-rights slogans on a church. And ALF criminals attempting to “liberate” 7,000 chickens from a Dorset farm were surprised to find, after breaking in, that it had been converted into a “free range” facility. In the ensuing panic, over 150 hens were killed as a result of these “compassionate” activists trying to “free” them.

Closer to home, the Center for Consumer Freedom has learned that convicted ALF arsonist Rodney Coronado is scheduled to speak at a Wilmington, Delaware church two Sundays from now. We’ve written to Elsmere Presbyterian Church pastor Thomas Stout in the hopes of persuading him to kick the bully out of his pulpit.

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