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I’ll Take Potpourri For a Thousand, Alex

Today’s edition of the Center for Consumer Freedom’s daily headlines is just that — a collection of headlines. Here’s a selection of news stories that have been cluttering up our desks for the past few weeks. We’ll be back on Monday with more of the original research and reporting that you’ve come to expect.

Earth Liberation Front victim: “Someday, they’re going to kill someone”

CSPI biotech report “either knowingly misleads or is the product of unbelievable incompetence”

Earthsave, other vegetarian activists demand six-figure McDonald’s settlements for themselves

South Dakota petition campaign seeks to yank PETA’s tax exemption

NEWS FLASH: Milk is actually good for you

Public Citizen rants against food irradiation; USDA will ignore their “below-the-belt tactics”

PETA slanders pork farmers, compares them to serial killer

Anti-biotech protesters turning scientific research into “a war zone”

David Barbarash gets cold feet, steps down as Animal Liberation Front “spokesperson”

Twinkie-taxer Kelly Brownell still attacking soft drinks, now blames caffeine for all of life’s woes

“Binge drinking” stats only tell half the story on alcohol consumption

Earth First co-founder “saving wildlife” by killing people

CSPI calls Canada’s cumbersome food labels “the gold standard,” wants US to follow suit

PARODY: “Big Chocolate” to pay obese Americans $138 billion

Anti-meat zealots gearing up for annual “Meatout” promotion

California cops can arrest drivers based on smell alone – who needs BAC?

Medical researcher flees to Canada to escape animal rights extremists

Greenpeace whines about Monsanto’s genetically enhanced wheat, conveniently forgets about benefits to consumers

PETA strong-arms NCAA into giving up leather basketballs

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