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To Err is Human

Among the many differences between the Center for Consumer Freedom and the anti-consumer fringe groups we cover, one stands out today: when we make a mistake, we’d rather you heard about it from us.

On December 18, we told you about two eco-terror arson attacks in Oregon, and about the activists charged with those crimes. We were incorrect in reporting that suspect Jeremy Rosenbloom had pled guilty to his part in a June 2001 logging-truck arson, in which eight firebombs were placed underneath logging trucks near a controversial timber site. Rosenbloom’s lawyer has protested to us that his client has declared his innocence, and is rolling the dice with a February 24 jury trial.

Fair enough. We had him confused with co-defendant Jacob Sherman, who did indeed plead guilty, and will likely be sent to prison for 41 months when he is sentenced on February 20. According to published news reports, Sherman bragged to his girlfriend about the two arsons, implicating Rosenbloom in one of them. The girlfriend, it turns out, is the daughter of a deputy state fire marshal.

At any rate, considering that Sherman is set to be sentenced a mere four days before Rosenbloom’s trial begins, it’s likely that the former will finger the latter in court. At that point, Rosenbloom may feel pressured to plead guilty and strike a bargain with prosecutors, as Sherman has.

Until that happens, however, we must admit our error. Our December 18 story, “Eco-Terrorist On The Run,” has been rewritten to more accurately reflect the facts as we now understand them. We fingered the wrong crimin– er, alleged criminal. Forgive us.

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