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Union of Confused Scaremongers

They’ve also been called the Union of Perturbed Scientists and the Union of Concerned Lawyers. The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is surely “concerning” to anyone who believes public policy should be crafted with the benefit of unbiased research and reliable information — rather than wild guesses and politically correct panic.

>Visit to learn more about this radical green group that poses as a respectable scientific institution. And when these “scientists” try to scare you about agricultural biotechnology or antibiotics in farm animals, remember how they predicted in 1980 that fossil fuels would soon be depleted, and how they argued in 1998 that North Korea posed absolutely no nuclear threat.

ActivistCash will keep growing in the coming months. If you haven’t yet checked out our damning profile of the violent animal rights group SHAC, be sure to read it with the lights on: like most of today’s animal rights movement, it’s scary stuff.

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