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Activist ‘Fun’ Looks Fishy

Activist Lynn Hunter has a sick sense of humor. In a mass email leaked to the Canadian Press, she told fellow activists: “Tormenting fish farmers is fun — it really, really is.” Hunter sticks by her comments, “given what she termed ‘the hostile climate’ currently surrounding the industry.”

Hunter works for the David Suzuki Foundation, an environmental group spearheading a North American effort to destroy aquaculture. Never mind that the farmed fish industry arose out of environmentalists’ hysteria — the idea was that if people eat farmed fish, they’re not eating “strained” or “endangered” wild fish populations. That simple logic is now lost on activist groups like the David Suzuki Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund. The latter warned this week that fish farming “is contributing to an increased pressure on already depleted fish stocks.”

Huh? It turns out that farmed fish are fed a seafood stew of their wild cousins. The more farmed fish, the more wild fish are needed to feed them. So you’d think activists worried about over-fishing would embrace technology that allows farmed fish to grow faster by eating less, right? Wrong. The David Suzuki Foundation, along with other activist groups opposed to fish farming, also routinely take cheap shots at genetically enhanced fish, which don’t need to eat as much.

We’ve arrived at a point where it’s politically incorrect to eat wild fish, farmed fish, and biotech fish (not that it’s even on the market yet). And let’s not forget the activist culture’s prohibitions on caviar, Chilean Sea Bass, and North Atlantic swordfish. It won’t be long before the only place we can get artery-clearing omega-3 oils is from a pill.

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