The Future Of Food Lawsuits

He has yet to win a single obesity-related lawsuit, but his royal litigiousness John Banzhaf is already planning for the next one — and the one after that. The Sacramento Bee says Banzhaf has begun a “brainstorming offensive” and is now considering ambulance-chasing exercises against school boards and milk producers.

Banzhaf is taking aim at school boards that offer their students food from chain restaurants and soda machines. Milk draws his ire because the “Got Milk?” advertising campaigns “don’t disclose the benefits of skim milk.”

We’ve noted before that Banzhaf’s vanity license plate, “SUE BAST,” stands for “sue the bastards.” America’s dairy farmers will be shocked to learn that they are now the “bastards” in Banzhaf’s crosshairs.

The Center for Consumer Freedom’s Mike Burita told the Bee yesterday that Banzhaf is “going to continue to toss these lawsuits at the courts until something sticks.” Unfortunately, even with jokers like Banzhaf, “you have to take it seriously.”

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