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Profiles in Hypocrisy

We’ve long held that Waterkeeper Alliance president Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s recent history could be summed up by the “Three H’s”: hogs, heroin, and hubris. Today we can add a fourth: hypocrisy.

Kennedy, whose personal Jihad against American pork farmers peaked last year when he called them “a greater threat than Osama bin Laden,” has been an active cheerleader lately in the anti-SUV environmental movement. His campaign, run by the Natural Resources Defense Council and designed by the famed scaremongers at Washington’s Fenton Communications, carries the holier-than-thou message that Americans who choose to drive sport utilities are weakening an oil-dependent America and selfishly destroying the planet.

On February 20, Kennedy took his rhetoric to the Fox News Channel’s Hannity & Colmes program, where firebrand talker Sean Hannity called his bluff, asking: “How often in your life have you flown on a private jet?”

While Kennedy hemmed and hawed, Hannity brought his hypocrisy into bold relief: “Most people out there that you’re lecturing to and calling un-American have never been in a private jet. How much gas – how much oil do you use to fuel your jet?” [click here to see the video clip with Windows Media Player, or in Quicktime]

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