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Our Week In Review

If you’ve been reading the Center for Consumer Freedom’s Daily Headlines this week…

You know why Farm Sanctuary is working to outlaw veal production in a state that doesn’t have any veal farms, and why CSPI thinks you are too stupid to understand the potential health benefits of wine.

You’ve learned that the Animal Liberation Front prefers flame-broiling restaurants to flame-broiled burgers, and that presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich evaluates biotech foods with “stardust” and “alchemy.”

You know how fast-food lawyer John Banzhaf is making a killing off of the dead, and how American food producers are doing more to feed starving Africans than any activist group ever did.

You’ve seen us debunk the notions that fast-food is “as addictive as heroin,” and that CSPI cares about real science.

If you know someone who should be reading the Center for Consumer Freedom Daily Headlines, drop them an e-mail telling them to start!

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