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Defending Our Freedoms

While most Americans support the current Persian Gulf war effort, we recognize today that there is a significant, vocal minority that is vehemently opposed to our President — and to his decision to begin military actions in order to liberate Iraqis from Saddam Hussein’s brand of tyranny.

Whether you are a flag waver, a flag burner, or something in between, we hope you support the brave men and women in our armed forces today. They know full well that the ultimate sacrifice may soon be required of them, and yet they persevere, daring great deeds in the cause of freedom.

Please remember that the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard are defending more than just abstract concepts and parcels of land. They are protecting our personal freedom to speak, to remain silent, to read, to learn, to question our government, to be safe and secure, to raise children according to our values, to worship according to our faiths — and, yes, to make food and beverage choices — all without interference or intimidation.

Please offer your best thoughts and prayers to those brave men and women. Our freedom may rest with their training, their stamina, and their dedication.

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