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Our Week In Review

If you’ve been reading the Center for Consumer Freedom’s Daily Headlines this week…

You’ve seen how the idea of banning soda in schools is finally facing scientific scrutiny, and how the animal-rights movement thinks that human breast milk is “vegan.”

You know that America’s most dangerous domestic terrorists are bragging about “100 direct actions” in 2002, and that Texas lawmakers are considering a bill to force nutrition labels on most restaurant menus.

You’ve learned even more about the playbook of violent animal-rights terrorists, and about Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s strained relationship with the truth.

You’ve read about environmentalists and animal-rights zealots lecturing the Pentagon on military preparedness, and about a female fishing boat captain who thinks “Chef Fancy Pants” should keep his spatula out of oceans management.

If you know someone who should be reading the Center for Consumer Freedom Daily Headlines, drop them an e-mail telling them to start!

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