On The Road Again With Greenpeace

If you’re a Greenpeace activist in eastern Germany, you’re probably packing your bags right now. Less than a week after German authorities approved a test planting of genetically enhanced wheat in the eastern state of Thuringia, Greenpeace sabotaged the site by sowing organic wheat seed there instead. Speaking for the environmental group, Henning Strodthoff told the Reuters news service that Greenpeace’s action was “aimed at ruining trials as it will be impossible to tell the difference between GMO and conventional wheat.” Funny — we’ve been saying this all along. The human body can’t tell the difference either (amino acids are amino acids, regardless of the order in which they’re arranged). But this may be the first time an anti-technology green group has admitted as much. Syngenta, which had to undergo a lengthy scientific approval process before planting began, now plans to move its trials to France or the United Kingdom. Something tells us that Greenpeace’s traveling road show will be on the same train, just one car back. It’s already made an appearance in Iraq, believe it or not. Greenpeace and Oxfam are agitating against the possibility that biotech food aid might be part of the humanitarian effort in that embattled country. Heaven forbid the hungry might eat the same genetically improved grain Americans have enjoyed for years. As generous nations like the U.S. struggle to meet the basic needs of millions of post-Saddam Iraqis, Greenpeace would do well to remember what happened when the anti-biotech movement tried to keep food out of the mouths of Zambia’s starving population. In that case, as the food shortage worsened, the hungry people looted grain silos. We hope the Iraqi people prefer feeding their children to following environmentalist scaremongers who don’t know what they’re talking about.

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