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A Taxing Problem

As we all recover from the sting of filing Form 1040, there is something to be thankful for: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has not — at least not yet — succeeded in convincing lawmakers to slap punitive taxes on meat and fish.

That’s right — PETA wants to tax your hamburgers, steaks, chicken wings, and catfish filets. Yesterday, PETA activist Nathan Runkle picketed the Ohio Statehouse, demanding an 8-cent per pound “sin” tax on all meat and fish. “There are taxes on cigarettes and alcohol,” he told reporters, “so we feel this should be the next step.”

PETA’s goal is to eliminate all meat and dairy from the American diet. The group seeks to tax meat because it wants to do away with it. Similarly, Mothers Against Drunk Driving opposes the rollback of beer taxes — calling, in fact, for a greater tax burden on adults who choose to imbibe — precisely because it supports “prohibition drip by drip.”

The same could be said of the misnamed Center for Science in the Public Interest, whose executive director has advocated “sin” taxes on soft drinks, butter, cheese, and potato chips.

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